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Listone Giordano - 3.5

Listone Giordano - 3.5" x RL - Engineered White Oak - Custom Grey

$6.45 / sqft $6.45 box 1 sqft/box / box

Project Specs

Sqft per Box 1
Number of boxes 1
Total Price: $6.45

Product Details

Listone Giordano Wood Flooring

350 - 800 mm (13.78 - 31.49") length x 90 mm (3.54") width x 19.5 mm (0.76") thick

Material: Engineered White Oak

Color: Custom Grey

Square foot per box varies according to length - order will be filled with multiple lengths. Orders must be placed in square feet. Only whole boxes will be sold. Orders will be fulfilled as close to the square footage ordered as possible, but will not have less than the square footage ordered.



Pickup Location: 90 Triangle Blvd Carlstadt NJ 07072